Saturday, January 23, 2010

When I got the 900s, the Check Engine light was on solid. A replacement AMM (Air Mass Meter) took care of that. Some air in the tires and coolant reservoir tank hippie repair has it running decent.

I've been driving the thing every day, last weekend spent some time fixing the critical shit mentioned above. Today I did a thorough walkthrough and found I need the following:

  • Coolant reservoir tank- I fixed cracks on the nipples with JBWeld, but it needs replaced. $72 for a new one. $5 for a junkyard one.
  • Knock sensor- Flakes out at high rpms. $42
  • Brake Master Cylinder- The seal to the rear circuit is worn. $150
  • Brake pads all around- They still have meat, but not much. $40
  • Hall Sensor- Actually, just the plastic plug that holds the wires in place. It works fine. I've got seal-a-gasket holding it there now. I'll probably leave this alone.
  • Passenger side washer fluid nozzle- Plugged and I can't get it clear. A few bucks.
  • Bushings- It's got 280k. All the suspension bushings are tired. Urethane bushings for the whole car ... $200 or so.
  • Vacuum lines- Lots of dried out lines. They're still holding but I need to plan replacements. $50 if I replace them all with silicone. $20 if I just use rubber.

Not as bad as I had feared. Interior stuff also needs to be done, like a stereo. Idiot PO had tried to install a CD changer and forked the stock Clarion stereo. Dipshit. Anybody wanna buy a crappy CD changer? LOL!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First post!

Introducing my 1986 SAAB 900s. NOT a turbo!

280k miles on the thing and still runs strong.

Chasing a rich mixture problem right now, so no road pics, but here's the little guy in the driveway waiting for a new AMM. Interior hasn't been cleaned, picked up or vacuumed. I just didn't want my house to look like a junkyard, so I bathed the outside. Inside will get attention when it's on the road: